Moyes believes the future is still stable – give Scamach some time

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West Ham manager David Moyes does not believe his position is shaky. Ready to accept the need to urgently find a solution to the problem of scoring goals for the team this season.

West Ham United are 16th in the Premier League table. Above the relegation zone, only two places and have more than one point This was the result of the 2-0 defeat at the London Stadium against Leicester City on Saturday. It was also a three-game losing streak at home within a week. It’s two Premier League games, losing 1-2 to Crystal Palace and Leicester 2-0, punctuated by a 2-2 Carabao Cup third-round draw with Blackburn and a penalty shoot-out defeat. 9-10“I am delighted that the ufabet club has supported me. But I think I didn’t do a bad job. Overall, we did a lot of good things, but we still can’t find a way to score goals.

Moyes also spoke about Gianluca Skamacca, the Italian national team striker. Owners worth 35.5 million pounds that are in trouble. Haven’t scored a goal since October 9.“We brought in good players. And often those players need time to adjust. especially the players who come from abroad I think we just need a little more time to adjust. and didn’t expect much in the first season.”